Typical term used by "trendy" resident children of South Windsor, 0Connecticut to express the "ghettoness" of this rich white suburb. Denoting the S of South and the "dub" short for slang of the letter W from Windsor. Often expressed by under aged, over drugged, rich white children, to show how under privileged they are, and how rough they have it.
We're from s-dub, want to go to tiffany's and abercrombie and fitch?
by Jeremy November 3, 2003
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" s-dub " refers to the town of southwindsor. us kids have it rough, spending most of our time at stores like abercrombie and fitch.. and actually having enough money to go in there. south windsor is ghetto like whoa. so we like to express it.
"hey i only spent 200$ in abercrombie today"
- oh my god thats horrible
"i know daddy wouldnt give me more he was spending it on our laborgini, i have it rough"
- wow im glad i dont live in s-dub
by courtney kelly October 5, 2005
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stands for S.W.W.
stupid worthless whore.

a dumb bitch, stuck up bitch, etc.
she's fuckin hot!
yeah but she's a fuckin s-dub
by Fish__ February 6, 2011
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best part of weymouth and beter than N-duB E-dub DUB-DUB and L-dub so Fuck you bitches
i live in S-dub(south weymouth) mass and dont hate me cause im rich and have a pool
by eric chishom July 6, 2006
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Mane it be a bunch of hoes on Geyer Springs and Baseline down in the s-dub.
by BooBoohead March 22, 2006
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Stands for super-wasted.
I just drank my weight in beer, I'm s dubbed.
by Booty Halloween September 8, 2009
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Obscene comedic blogger known for lack of political correctness and the creation of phrases.
"You just got S-DUB..."

"He/She did an S-DUB on you!"
by khadijahjames September 23, 2009
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