The bare minimum standard that a girl must be at or exceed when considering fornication.
Bro: Should I tap?
Dude: Meh, she's baseline.

Bro: I'm tips though. You sure she's baseline?
Dude: Just squint. Definitely baseline. Give her the deezy.
by BetaRhOmicron September 29, 2010
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1.) To give someone a hard time.
2.) To annoy someone
1.) I've got fools on the chase and they're giving me baseline!
2.) These people are always giving me the baseline.
by Steven January 14, 2005
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To drive crazy or to drive on the illegal sides of streets.
by dezzi101 April 2, 2018
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a sequence of low growling notes strategically played by nick beard, of the band Circa Survive, on his ernie ball music man stingray bass guitar.
nick beard's baseline cast sonic vibrations balls-deep into the earth.
by thunder toes September 13, 2008
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Refers to an individual constantly indulged in effortless, trouble-free dopamine hits such that their will power in doing less reward-intensive tasks towards long-term success and fulfillment declines, resulting in an overall decrease in productivity, attentiveness, and satisfaction.
Man, all Luke does is eat junk food, watch Netflix, and play video games. He is so high baseline!
by moud February 21, 2023
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Peeing in a urinal or a toilet from the side instead of from the front. Analogous to a basketball player shooting a jump shot from the baseline rather than from the top of the key.
Jamanthony: One sec Reece, I'm bout to take a baseline piss.
Shareece: Who the fuck you think you are b? Shane Battier?
Jamanthony: He got two rings. How many you got Reece?
Shareece: Damn cuz you got me, ok go ahead...
by xjamanthonyx September 13, 2013
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