"When I woke this morning, my thighs were slick with ryoma."
by Pilcrow November 22, 2004
Born into a middle-class family, Ryoma is known as the most renowned scatologist to date.
Ryoma is the first person to practice scatological pornography.
by Ryohei Tagami Jr November 22, 2021
A character from Danganronpa V3 that is extremely underrated
"I like Ryoma Hoshi , but he's so underrated
by RandomPersonLOL1 August 6, 2020
Ryoma Hoshi is a hot anime husbando. If you don’t like him I’m preparing a gun.
Person 1: I don’t like Ryoma Hoshi!
Person 2: You don’t like Ryoma Hoshi? *Loads gun*
by Ryoma Simp May 8, 2021