A word in Japanese meaning breasts in a horny way.
We English speakers say tits meanwhile the Japanese say oppai
Lamar: Man she got a big ass oppai, your sister.
Jack: Fuck you!
by That boring guy March 22, 2018
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"Oh no, i'm touching Asuka-san's oppai! \(*0*\)
by lonleywanderer3 November 15, 2017
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Oppai is a nerdy way of saying breakfast. It refers to anything flat like pancakes or waffles.
"I want some oppai" or "I feel like eating oppai"
by Datnigga593 May 17, 2018
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japanese. (usually, a woman's) breasts. a tasty treat.
large chested waitress: Would you like any appetizers?
customer: oppai, I'll take two.
by pokute May 2, 2004
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part of chest for girls (japanese word of boobs)
may be flat or big
i love oppai
by AnimeFreak1200 February 19, 2016
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Japanese way of calling out tits, for fun doe.
Pewds: I wanted to say 'nice breast ' but couldn't....
Ethan:try using nice oppais..
Pewds: nice oppais ethan
by Masked_mith May 17, 2020
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tits in Japanese, generally used to refer to the larger variety....which are rare in Japan cause most o fthem have small little mosquito bite tits but the ones that have big guns are keepers.
Fuck this sushi shit, I gotta get me some oppai.
by SkinnyPete January 5, 2004
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