Where they killed almost the entire cast. Includes a female protagonist that's not the protagonist, an Emo detective, a purple gremlin, a robot, a lesbian feminist, a siscon, the horniest and most vulgar of thots, a magic loli, an avocado, the best mom, Atua's disciple, depressed boi, a gentleman, an astronaut, "Do you want to die" girl, and Tsumugi Shirogane.
Person 1: Hey did you fish Danganronpa V3?
Person 2: I did and THEY KILLED ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS!!! I'm still crying about Kiibo.
Person I know right, Kaede is not even the protagonist. I thought she is going to be the first female protagonist! WHY?
Kokichi: Because that's Kayayday's lie.
Person 2: Shut up Kokichi.
by Danganronpafan October 12, 2018
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an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish where the creators decide to brutally kill any character you ever get emotionally attached to and have a plot twist at the end that makes you want to painfully rip out every hair in your entire head
person 1: hey, you like danganronpa right?
person 2: oh yeah! what about it
person 1: have you gotten to danganronpa V3 yet-?
person 2: dont you dare speak that name in my christian household
by RamIsGae October 5, 2019
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When the creators say FUCK YOU And KILL of the protagonist in the first chapter.
How most of the population of the human race reacts to Danganronpa V3:

the ignorant and unknowing player: Aww Kaede and Shuichi are sososososo cute together! Also Kaede makes a perfect protagonist aww.

creators: kills Kaede

the ignorant and unknowing player: NOOooOo WHY YOU DO THiS WAHhHhHhhhhHH FUCK YOU WAHhHhHhh

creators: Fuck you too :)
by LittleMissMelly March 25, 2018
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That game where the creators just don't give a shit abour your feelings and decide to kill off the entire fcking cast. Also the one with the coolest graphics and characters in the whole serie imo
Person 1: have you already played Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony?
Person 2: *sobbing* they killed the fcking robot.
by s0ck p0ssum September 10, 2021
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