Damn! I had to read 53 WRONG definitions of the RUSTY TROMBONE! It has nothing to do with gay dudes, reach arounds, or assholes. It's when you fuck a chick ON HER PERIOD, then she immediatly blows you. Blood has a distinct taste that can well be described as...rusty.
Guy#1: Yeah, so did you hear Blake was dating that weird, goth, "Twilight" chick?
Guy#2: Hey, I bet he gets the old rusty trombone no sweat.

red wings
by dawnpatrol January 28, 2011
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When engaged in anal sex you take your dick out and it has shit on it. Your partner then starts to suck your dick and makes you say something due to pleasure.
She just didn't suck my dick she gave me a rusty trombone.
by spazzy690 March 07, 2011
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70+ answers, all repeating the same 3 wrong definitions.

The "ass eating while providing a handy" one comes closest, but it's still wrong.

Life Lesson: Less wrong is still wrong.

The correct answer is: A person giving a blow job while simultaneously reaching one hand, directly & with all due diligence, towards the recipient's reasonably ready & responsive rectum & inserting one or more fingers up the partner's ass, the desired effect being the added enjoyment of a prostate massage during the already pleasurable act of his penis being sucked.

The position & movement resembles the playing of a trombone much better & it's an easier sell should the perspective soloist be a bit hesitant.
Asshole 1: Dude, I was so coked up last night I couldn't even get it up so my nasty ass bitch slipped a couple of fingers up my ass while she was sucking me off & I nutted down her neck in like 3 min.

Asshole 2: Dude, that's called a Rusty Trombone & now you gay AF!

A1: Da'Fuq, ni66a, it was from a chick, so no homo.

A2: Don't matter, fingers up ya ass. Eww, & you enjoyed that gay shit too? You gay, ni66a, just come out, be loud & proud. Man, I don't give a fuck if you love dick, you still a homie. What, I said 'homie', don't start getting all butt hurt with m ... I mean, um, you know just ...
by ChuckgivenoFuck July 20, 2021
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When a someone or something is engaged so furiously in a sexual act that it is being thrust back and forth like the slide mechanism of a trombone. The rusty part of the word is from the person or objected being covered in some kind of bodily fluid.
I fucked that amazon drone so hard I gave it a rusty trombone.
by ShadowChix March 08, 2017
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The act of sliding your arm so far up the vaginal tract it makes a low pitched tooting noise, from her gripping your arm so tightly, much like a trombone.
I rusty tromboned that sexy old milf.
by Bigdickenergy13 May 19, 2019
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