A term to soften the blow when you tell a superior something they don't wan't to here.
Boss: "This company will be putting our money into the Pewter housing development"
Employee: "All Due Respect, I think that is a mistake"
Boss: "..."
by YUIIUY June 10, 2007
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A term that is used to diffuse the impact of an insult. This has been used, albeit to poor effect, in parliament.
Paul Gogarty, a member of Ireland's Green Party, unloaded some fairly colourful language on Labour Party member Emmet Stagg during a debate using this term.

"With all due respect and in the most unparliamentary language, f**k you Deputy Stagg, f**k you, ". He then added, "I apologize now for my use of unparliamentary language."
by PMcP April 14, 2010
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Kaiden: With all due respect Gunnery Chief, it's really not your decision.

Ashely: Why is it when someone says "with all due respect" they really mean, "kiss my ass"?
by Grizzly2O February 16, 2011
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In military parlance it means 'no more respect than protocol requires me to show'. Opposite of the term: 'with respect'.

Said to a superior, a means of veiling contempt adequately enough to evade disciplinary action (depending on the words following it.) Applied frequently by top brass toward Congressmen during Senate Committee Hearings.

Said to a subordinate (rarely,) it sarcastically emphasizes how little respect the superior is required to SHOW, and how much less they're required to HAVE for the subordinate.
Commander Knox: Admiral, with all due respect, this is my boat.
Admiral Graham: Not anymore, "with all due respect".
by enkephalin07 November 28, 2015
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A statement that when you hear you know your reply should be FUCK YOU!
Tom: With all due respect, I don't fancy you..I only fancy hot women.
Sheila: With all due respect, fuck you!
by madsb October 31, 2009
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Expression used in an argument to indicate that there is no respect and that in any case it is not due.

Depending on the context, also means moron.
Officer, with all due respect, I am not drunk. Your breathalyzer does not work properly.
by The dormouse in the teapot February 2, 2011
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