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70+ answers, all repeating the same 3 wrong definitions.

The "ass eating while providing a handy" one comes closest, but it's still wrong.

Life Lesson: Less wrong is still wrong.

The correct answer is: A person giving a blow job while simultaneously reaching one hand, directly & with all due diligence, towards the recipient's reasonably ready & responsive rectum & inserting one or more fingers up the partner's ass, the desired effect being the added enjoyment of a prostate massage during the already pleasurable act of his penis being sucked.

The position & movement resembles the playing of a trombone much better & it's an easier sell should the perspective soloist be a bit hesitant.
Asshole 1: Dude, I was so coked up last night I couldn't even get it up so my nasty ass bitch slipped a couple of fingers up my ass while she was sucking me off & I nutted down her neck in like 3 min.

Asshole 2: Dude, that's called a Rusty Trombone & now you gay AF!

A1: Da'Fuq, ni66a, it was from a chick, so no homo.

A2: Don't matter, fingers up ya ass. Eww, & you enjoyed that gay shit too? You gay, ni66a, just come out, be loud & proud. Man, I don't give a fuck if you love dick, you still a homie. What, I said 'homie', don't start getting all butt hurt with m ... I mean, um, you know just ...
by ChuckgivenoFuck July 20, 2021
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