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1.) a common practice in North America, the act of running water in a sink while defecating in an attempt to prevent others from hearing the embarrassing noises one emits while having a bowel movement

2.) a synonym for having a bowel movement
Mark: "Brother I ate two dinners last night and I was running the water for like a half hour."

Trent: "Man, after eating all this Taco Bell I'm really gonna have to run the water."

Jeremy: "Did you see that guy just run into the bathroom? He must have to run the water BAD!"
by DavefestClassic September 27, 2011
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Common topic of discussion for Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson) on "That 70's Show" while in the circle smoking pot.

Basically what he's talking about is a car where you put water in the gas tank instead of gas. The demand for water would be so high that everyone would buy all the water, leaving us with nothing to drink except beer-and the government hides the car from the public because they know that beer will set us free.
So their's this car that runs on water.....
by Gaaraofthedamned August 17, 2011
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1) to tell the truth

2) to expose some one

3) tell out a secret no one knows about u or something else
Forget it! I'mma run up the water, he yelled out
I'mma run up the water. I'm a good person
by Benben ten ten February 27, 2019
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when running water commands your body to pee
i was washing dishes and gotted me the running water urine draw

me was running for the "terlit" after i got me the running water urine draw
by michael foolsley January 8, 2010
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A phrase reserved for pool players, it essentially means a player is able to get out (pocket all his balls) most or all of the time. Following this, you turn over all of your cash to him.
by Bamchug April 26, 2009
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