5 definitions by Benben ten ten

1) It's means that you about to go or you about to leave really soon

2) A replacement for GtG
3) a lame excuse to use if don't want to hang with someone
Yo bro. I gotta cream soon. My gf is calling me. I'm not trying to get her mad af

Let me hit this trick real quick then I have to cream.

Well look at the time. I gotta cream real soon.
by Benben ten ten February 9, 2019
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1) Any body that are overly competitive at every thing and will do anything to win.

2) someone who will compete with u in everything
He is such a rocket power. All he want to do is to compete with me in everything especially in sex

I can't do anything when that rocket power is over there, even with the smallest step he wants to compete against me

Bro!, stop being a rocket power! I just want to skate!
by Benben ten ten February 2, 2019
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1) to tell the truth

2) to expose some one

3) tell out a secret no one knows about u or something else
Forget it! I'mma run up the water, he yelled out
I'mma run up the water. I'm a good person
by Benben ten ten February 27, 2019
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1) A relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend that feel like you guys are best friends

2) a relationship that doesn't feel like you guys are dating, but it feel like you two are best friends
Having my boyfriend as my neefy is the best thing ever

I like having a neefy relationship. We can be our selves and we are comfortable around each other
by Benben ten ten February 2, 2019
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Someone that is sponsored by transworld skateboarding
I'm official sponsored by transworld. I'm on team tranny now
by Benben ten ten February 9, 2019
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