1- To stop drinking (usually an alcoholic beverage) or to start drinking more water

2- A Patrick Stump song that sounds like it was made in the mid 1980s.
by Monica is ma nigga August 21, 2017
Comming to the end of resources (money, raw materials e.t.c)
John: "Peter, why you are leaving the bar so early?"
Peter: "I'm running dry with money!".
Joe: "Party is great, and we're running dry. Need more drinks and snacks!
by industs May 30, 2014
The act of sexual penetration without moisture or lubricants and a run up
Jack gave jack a running dry stab. His bottom was sore the next day.
by Leeos June 6, 2017
To spend a big portion of money that you cannot afford. (usually when someone asks for money and sometimes for something ridiculous)
"Hey man, I'm going to buy some drinks for the party. Do you have about 200 dollars, I'm a little short since a lot of people are going and I'm buying some high priced drinks."
"Hell no dude, 200 fucking dollars?! Are you trying to run me dry?"
by jazzypatsan October 3, 2013
To Drink All Of The Beer And Alcohol At A Party Or Bar. Usually Happens After It Is Too Late To Get More Booze, Thus Ending The Party.
Are You Guys Going To The Party Tonite. Yeah, We're Of Work Tomorrow, We're Gonna Run Em Dry.
by Kid Kracker May 6, 2009
to have diarrhea convulsions but nothing comes out
i went out for idian the other day and now i have the burning hot dry runs
by Dr PkSwift April 29, 2009
when you masturbate without using anything but whats in your head

ex. porn, lube, etc...
by howie333 September 5, 2007