Reference to the penis of a non-virgin who is uncircumsized.
Also can be used as a reference to a normal penis which has come into contact with a dirty vagina.
"Michael has a rumpled fore skin after getting head from that dirty hoe"

"dude Michael just got his foreskin rumpled by that nasty cunt"
by Alexander Pierce October 13, 2007
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A character of folk myth and fable known for his cruelty, a pitiable cruelty that tales tell is an outward manifestation of psychological scars inflicted as an infant during a botched circumcision performed by a vagabond rabbi using crampons and, inexplicably, a spinning wheel.

Also used to apply to those with a similar affliction.
Yes, I see it, and see why now your nickname is Rumpledforeskin, rabbi.
by Midniteklown July 19, 2005
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When a chick gives you a wank but she pulls your foreskin back so hard it nearly rips it straight off your dick!
Your sister can't wank a dick for toffee,she gave me a rumpled foreskin the twat
by Adam the definer ! July 29, 2014
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