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A Nave is a member of the Nave race, a small group of highly intelligent humans, the Naves originated from Tennessee, they can be found throughout the southern United States and may exist in small numbers elsewhere. Nave's can have different appearances but have certain traits such as high intelligence and an uncanny immune system.
Person 1: Hey I didn't know there where any geniuses in Tennessee!

Person 2: There are a few but they're all Naves.
by Not Availible September 01, 2006
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Someone who bothers you purposely or not. Often referred to in regards to very ugly women.
"BE GONE NAVE!!!!!!"

"Back to your hole nave."
by MASCO WVU February 22, 2010
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adj., n., v.

"Nave" can take on the meanings of many different words, and can be used in a number of situations. It is derived from the word "naïve," and can be used synonymously with it, but its meaning has expanded to become more general and can sometimes be used positively.

Although chiefly an adjective, "nave" can be used as both a verb and a noun. For example, the phrase "Claude is going to nave Elizabeth in this spelling bee" would mean that Claude is going to make a fool of Elizabeth, and the phrase "Manpreet is a complete nave" would mean that Manpreet is a foolish person.

From "nave," many other words have been derived, such as "naved," "navest," "naving" and "naver." It has also spawned a number of phrases known as "navisms," for example, a "nave cave" is the vaginal tract of a slut or prostitute; "the abolishment of the nave trade" describes an event where a person has been very badly murked; to "misbenave" is to behave badly, but in a humorous or impressive way, and so forth.

Despite these definitions, "nave" is a very flexible word and its use is largely left to the speaker's discretion. Combining the meanings of many contemporary words in the modern teenager's vocabulary such as "gay," "retarded," "pwn," "murk," "gash," "sick," "badass" and literally dozens more, "nave" is an essential tool in today's fast-paced, urban world; the Swiss-army knife of the teenage lexicon.
A: "I naved my neighbours window with a football last week and I had to pay them £90."
B: "Awh, man, that's nave."

"This spaghetti tastes bare nave."

A: "That's the navest phone I've ever seen!"
B: "Thanks, I got it when my sister died."

A: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
B: "Why are you so nave?"

"I was just naving around, minding my own business, when some fucker jumped me and stole my milkshake."

A: "How much was your car?"
B: "7 grand."
A: "Wow, you got completely naved. I wouldn't pay seven grand for that naving little piece of shit."

A: "Oh crap, I just lost my inhaler."
B: "Nave."
by Afternoon B May 06, 2011
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to disagree with one, another word for never.
(E-DUB)Yo that girl is like that boy!
(Nader) NAVE! the bitch looks HORB!

(FREEZE)WOW, her body is like that!
(TREY)She looks like shyt.
(FREEZE) Nave, she's vicious!
by WhoRide703 - Nader October 24, 2006
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(Nav) another way of saying "Can I Have" and/or "Do You Have".
Nave some more steak?

of course!


Nave any more sandwiches?

yeah, I do.
by LilAnarchy420 November 19, 2010
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