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In boxing/martial arts: a technique done by the foremost bodily weapon (99% of the time, the foremost fist). The strike is linear and the power is not the best stopping technique due to limited displacement of weight in the time executed. It is often a "feeler" technique designed to 'stun', or 'follow up' with another technique (usually the cross-punch).

More power can be mustered with the strike if the hips are stabilized, the shoulders displaced forwards, and the feet grounded from their footwork. This is subject to the art and the user, but a jab can muster more of the body than simply the arm's extension and muscle.

A jab can also be a foot strike with the frontal foot in a sideways stance that "pokes" at the opponent with the intent of fending them off, or causing "stunning" pain to the shin, groin, abdomen, or higher targets. This "foot fencing" is designed to follow up with another technique or to buy time.
"I bashed him with a one-two."
"A one-two?"
"You dummy, the jab-cross! It was the cross that sent him to the dentist, heh!"
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
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In boxing/martial arts: one of the weapons of the naked human body. The foot has several prominent striking surfaces in the heel, the ball of foot, the blade (side of foot), and the top (instep). Because of the relative interchangeability with the top of foot (instep), and the shin-bone, the shin and foot are lumped in the same strata as kicking attacks (feet) are known.

The foot is a very misunderstood weapon as far as martial arts go. Generally, the effecient useage of the foot is to strike lower body targets (shin, groin, knee, foot, stomach). However, the range of the foot combined with the power of leg-muscle covers a vast distance that provides alot of stopping power. Depending on the executor of a kicking attack, striking any known bodily target of a standing human is not beneath the foot's documented useage.
The foot is one of many weapons to the true fighter; especially an unarmed one.
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
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1. In boxing/martial arts: any knee, elbow, forearm, foot, or hand/fist technique that connects from a relatively circular arc. The hidden "power" of the techniques is typically the hip rotation. Some styles emphasize more snap of the knee than others, but the hips generate the most stopping power from a physics equation alone. In this acceleration of rotary momentum, the technique is said to have it's greatest strength. Other joints may assist in the rotation from style to style, but generally don't due to telegraphing the technique. There are some techniques with a reverse principle in mind; even named as such (ei reverse-roundhouse kick, and otherwise known as hook kick).

2. In video games (commonly fighting game genre), the strongest of the character's kicks. (weak kick, strong kick, ROUNDHOUSE kick -- from a six-button mindset).

3. A house (residential building) without any corners.
1. The Muay Thai match was won by a roundhouse elbow to the opponent's temple.

2. The Sagat player beat the Ryu player with a roundhouse kick (third button kick).

3. You could say that Shelby lives in a roundhouse. Why? Because it's a cylinder-lighthouse.
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
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1. One of the true biological weapons that a human possesses. An elbow is a pointed concentration of hardened calcium that primarily acts as a joint at a simple hinge. In martial arts/boxing: the elbow is a true show-stopper that can have the head-splitting power of a baton. It's like having a short-range baseball bat wherever you walk. The eblow is also one of the coveted powers of Muay Thai.

2. A form of macaroni featuring the shape of a bent, stout arm. A tiny, hollow, bent pipe of bread commonly known as macaroni pasta.
1. The girl sent Joe to the hospital with an elbow across the temple.

2. Unfortunately, he was out of the elbow form. Being the lazy moron is, he cooked the mac'n'cheese with spagetti noodles instead of the elbow pasta.
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
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