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The wise fellow who has a wife or female friend who allows him to spread her ass cheeks wide and press his nose close to her bunghole and slowly inhale the delicious aroma of her tail end. Gently licking her balloon knot, tasting the residue left from a few days of not bathing. Licking the taste away and enjoying every second of it. Stabbing the tounge in and out of her sphincter also increases the experience as well as increases the chance of bringing her to anal orgasm.
Gayle and I had a hell of a good time at the Adult Movie Awards. We retired back to our suite and when the door closed, she raised her skirt and pulled her soaked panties down and bent over the back of the couch with her knees on the cushions, legs spread wide. I knew what she wanted. I kicked my shoes off and knelt behind her. Spread her beautiful butt cheeks wide and was her Bung Licker for the evening.
by The King Cornholer March 28, 2008
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