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An imaginery country where dumbass bush-shagging australians might go after they finish their "Sc00L edukatun" and go to to book a holiday to new zealand but can't spell it correctly.

usually visited by people who still think that New Zealand is a part of Australia, that the accents are WORSE than Australians and that everyone shags sheep.
by anabanana July 11, 2003
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Something people in New Zealand and out New Zealand seem to think New Zealand is. They think it's an uncivilised place. they think we're 60 years back just because our computers don't have the same communication speed as SETI.

Facts about this imaginary place that is really just a stereotype:

Every town only contains 4 shops. These are as follows:
-The warehouse
-Petrol station.

None of the roads are tar-sealed at all. the roads are pure dust, and there is no sidewalk either.

Ethnic diversity:
there are four ethnic groups in new zeland.

There is absolutely no existence of people from other places such as the americas, europe, or africa...with the exception of tourists, which new zelanders hate, because they don't want anyone to watch them shagging sheep.
Yes, new zelanders get turned on by beastiality, and they have sex with sheep. This is because new zelanders do not have good television or good computers.
Idiot american/aussie/new zealander/: Wow, I went to New Zeland last year. I went to this new zelander's house and his television was only 42''!

moron: only 42''? Shit! those new zelanders are SO uncivilised!

idiot: it gets worse! his internet connection speed is only 6,000,000,000 gigahurts per second!

moron: i'm glad i'm not in new zeland.
by kinzu_kiwi July 15, 2006
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