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Aussie exclamation of surprise, amazement or frustation. Does well enough on its own, although can be followed up with "and bury me pregnant" for extra effect.
"Hey mate your car's on fire." "Aah fuck me dead!"
by Choda Boy 57 August 12, 2006
You can be ugly as:
- a hatful of arseholes
- a busted arse
- a hatful of busted arsholes

You could have:
- been beaten with the ugly stick
- been beaten with the ugly stick, then took it off them and ate it
- fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down

You could have a face like:
- a robber's dog (or a thief's dog)
- a smashed pineapple
- a smashed crab
- a dropped pie

You could be so ugly:
- you'd be stuck for a face when the baboon wanted its arse back
- you'd make a train take a dirt road
You're ugly as... if my dog had a face like yours, I'd shave its arse and teach it to walk backwards
by Choda Boy 57 October 21, 2006
What you call any restaurant or fast food chain that you're not particularly fond of. Translates to "Eat 'n' Vomit" in Aussie slang, and a play on the "X 'n' Y" convention of naming eateries where X relates to eating, and Y is usually 'Go'.
Grab us a burger from the local Chew 'n' Spew willya?
by Choda Boy 57 March 16, 2008
This was great fun in high school. The rules were simple - you had to make the substitute teacher (the "sub") cry by the end of the class.
Dude, we just got to play sink the sub in geography. She went to the bottom in 10 minutes.
by Choda Boy 57 August 12, 2006
Just about the worst show ever made, along with Charmed and the Gilmore Girls. The idea that this girly-lipped, staring poof could ever be the future Man of Steel is bad enough, let alone using the Superman story to make a fucking soap opera for teenagers.

Bring on your thumbs downs, you clueless 14 year old slurries!
Simpsons Comic Book Guy: Smallville? Worst...show...EVERRRR!
by Choda Boy 57 January 13, 2007
Used in Australia to describe a really easy sporting opportunity which has then been completely fucked up.

In cricket this is usually a dropped catch. The same applies to a dropping a mark in Australian Rules football, and it can also be a goal that is missed from very close range.

Also known as a sitter, gimme or dolly.
Give yourself an uppercut mate, you just missed a soda.

Last Saturday I dropped a fucking soda in slips and we lost by 1 wicket.
by Choda Boy 57 June 24, 2007