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Pot has several Australian slang meanings:

1. (noun) - marijuana. There are already a million definitions here, but it is worth mentioning that pot is considered a bit old-fashioned these days. Your old man would call it pot or grass. More commonly called weed, dope, hash or shit by most.
2. (noun) a toilet, and really only used in the phrase in the example below, meaning to hurry up and do something or bugger off, as long as you get out of the way.
3. (noun) the standard sized beer glass used in pubs in the state of Victoria. Holds 10oz or 285mL.
4. (noun) a cylinder in a car engine, usually preceded by the number.
5. (verb) to score a goal in football. Snag is another. Probably stolen from snooker.

1. Are you kids smoking pot in there???
2. Either shit or get off the pot.
3. I sank 15 pots at the pub last night.
4. I don't know what Holden were thinking when they put an eight-pot donk in a Torana.
5. Paul Chapman potted 4 goals for the Cats today.
by Choda Boy 57 August 22, 2006
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(Australian) - what your 50 year old Aunt Freda (you know her, the cheek-pinching, overweight, oversize glasses, prickly upper lip and funny smelling one, every family's got one) would call a car accident.

Prang by itself usually refers to a car park-type ding. A freeway pile-up with 14 fatalities is a "nasty" prang.
Aunt Freda: "Sorry I'm so late dear, there was a nasty prang on the West Gate. My, haven't you grown..."
by Choda Boy 57 August 11, 2006
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The food which, if you put it into a dog's bowl, it will walk away.
When the vegetarian with her salad asked me if I knew how my steak died, I said "Yeah, you fucking starved it to death!".
by Choda Boy 57 August 23, 2006
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Rick Disneck is a fictional gymnast featured on a very well-known Australian comedy album from the 1980s.

The album, Wired World of Sports by the Twelfth Man (Billy Birmingham), is a parody of Channel Nine's Wide World of Sports, a Sunday sports wrap-up program that ran for many years. The album satirises the presenters and features footage or interviews with imaginary sports stars, usually with funny names such as "female" bodybuilder Anna Bolic ("Oh my God, Oh my God, a testicle has just popped out of her costume!" "HER costume???!!!"), the Russian weightlifter Popavalium Andropoff (who suffered the fate all weightlifters dread, when his guts came flying out of his arsehole), or the Mexican-Japanese boxer Zalos Karate.

Rick Disneck, or "wrecked his neck" is based on American gymanst Brian Meeker, whose early 80's collision with a pommel horse is one of the most famous sporting accidents of all time (see youtube or a "Top 20 Sporting Blunders" show). The interview, hosted by presenter Darrell Eastlake, takes place with a presumably convalescing Rick. Throughout the interview, Rick barely talks above a slow, wheezy whisper as he discusses his many injuries ("I crushed my larynx and ruptured my spleeeen") and how the accident happened.

Well worth a listen if you can get it, although the Australian Rules football and cricket stuff is probably over most American heads. Later albums continued the trend of names with funny meanings, most notably of Indian, Sri Lankan and Pakistani cricketers.

Ask any Australian male over 25 who Rick Disneck is, and if they don't respond with a wheezy groan followed by "No Darrell, I just fucked up", well, I'll eat my own head.
Mike Gibson: "Rick Disneck is the poor bastard you see slamming in the vaulting horse at a hundred miles an hour"

Darrell Eastlake: "So Rick, did you have a blowout in a sandshoe as many believe, or did you just fuck up?"
Rick Disneck: *eeeeeerrrgh* "No Darrell, I just fucked up."
by Choda Boy 57 June 28, 2007
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A corruption of "I've never heard of anything more ridiculous in all my life. Swap the "life" and the "dic" and you get:
"I've never heard anything more ri-life-ulous in all my dick!"
by Choda Boy 57 August 11, 2006
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A complete and utter oxygen thief.

Rob Thomas is another of today's talentless, gutless bitches who, for some bizarre reason, is supposedly a (if not THE) torch-bearer for contemporary singer-songwriters.

It would be easy to ignore this tosser as yet another creator of whingy, whiny, pass-the-Kleenex, "let's make music that millions of teenage girls will love and more importantly buy" crap. Unfortunately, endless tales of his song-writing genius are constantly rammed down our throats.

Well, if Rob Thomas is the spokesperson for our generation then Christ help us all.

Since his debut single with Matchbox 20 (at least in Australia) Push, every single song has been the same gut-wrenching tale of heart-break, woe and misery. Ever notice how every song is about how unwell/bent/diseased/generally fucked up Rob is? Ever notice how just about every line in every song starts with "I"? The world waited with baited breath when Rob cast off the shackles of his band and we were promised that, as a solo artist, Rob's full range of talents would be unleashed. What did we get? "I don't wanna be lonely no more..." Every song is overwrought with emotion, but the lyrics are like the bad poetry that freshly-dumped teenagers write and then burn immediately. What a one-trick pony. But then why change when there's the next wave of 14 year old girls to be hooked on his rubbish (and Pepsi too, the fucking shill)

By all means, have an angsty song, have an angsty album if you must, but an entire career? Even Alanis Morrisette got over hers.

We get the message, Rob. Why not try using whatever talent you have to make people feel better about themselves for a change?

And, by the way, most guys are NOT jealous of him. Not jealous of his dubious talent, and definitely not jealous of his looks. Any wonder he bangs on about being so unwell, he looks like his liver's failing.

Rob Thomas needs to be put into the same meat grinder as Ben Lee, James Blunt and all the other imitators he has spawned. See Ben Lee for more truth!!!

As the great Bill Hicks said, this is not a matter of taste or opinion. Rob Thomas sucks. End of story.
If life's so hard, Rob Thomas, don't whinge to us about it. Get off your arse and fix it!
by Choda Boy 57 August 20, 2006
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Here in Australia, an obscure but amusing term for vomiting, usually alcohol-induced.
Tony Greig to drunk yobbo: "If you park the tiger on my Giorgio Armanis your arse is grass... now fuck orf!"
by Choda Boy 57 July 24, 2006
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