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One of the many words that Australians have cut syllables off and replaced with "-o". This one represents the hours after 12pm, and is used by people, myself included, who can't be bothered saying "-fternoon".
Hey Davo, I'm goin' to the servo for arvo smoko.

Translation: David, I'm going to the service station to purchase some food for the afternoon break.
by Choda Boy 57 September 08, 2006

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A brilliant multi-purpose word:

1. (verb) to sell something. Generally the price is low or the goods are dodgy.
2. (verb) to lose a sporting match, usually football, by a huge margin
3. (verb) to masturbate. Sometimes extended to "flog the dog" or "flog the log".
4. (verb) to steal something
5. (verb) to assault somebody
6. (noun) a poser, someone who likes to big-note themselves. Relates back to (3).
1. I flogged my piece of shit car to some uni student.
2. We got flogged by 15 goals today.
3. I caught my little brother having a flog today.
4. Some arsehole's flogged my ciggies!
5. I took this smart-arse out the back of the pub and gave him a flogging.
6. Look at that wanker in the Porsche talking on his car phone. What a flog.
by Choda Boy 57 August 12, 2006

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Aussie exclamation of surprise, amazement or frustation. Does well enough on its own, although can be followed up with "and bury me pregnant" for extra effect.
"Hey mate your car's on fire." "Aah fuck me dead!"
by Choda Boy 57 August 12, 2006

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Pot has several Australian slang meanings:

1. (noun) - marijuana. There are already a million definitions here, but it is worth mentioning that pot is considered a bit old-fashioned these days. Your old man would call it pot or grass. More commonly called weed, dope, hash or shit by most.
2. (noun) a toilet, and really only used in the phrase in the example below, meaning to hurry up and do something or bugger off, as long as you get out of the way.
3. (noun) the standard sized beer glass used in pubs in the state of Victoria. Holds 10oz or 285mL.
4. (noun) a cylinder in a car engine, usually preceded by the number.
5. (verb) to score a goal in football. Snag is another. Probably stolen from snooker.

1. Are you kids smoking pot in there???
2. Either shit or get off the pot.
3. I sank 15 pots at the pub last night.
4. I don't know what Holden were thinking when they put an eight-pot donk in a Torana.
5. Paul Chapman potted 4 goals for the Cats today.
by Choda Boy 57 August 22, 2006

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Used when "fuck you" just isn't quite enough.
Fuck you. Fuck you and I hope your dog dies.
by Choda Boy 57 September 08, 2007

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Ben Lee is an Australian singer who is a complete pain in the arse.

The Beastie Boys made the mistake of telling him a few years ago that he had some talent. He then came straight out and declared himself the best singer-songwriter of Australia's past, present and future (without actually having really done anything).

Ben Lee apologists will tell you that this remark was taken out of context, or blame it on the naivety of youth. Unfortunately this arrogance continues to pervade his work - you only need to read an interview of his.

The worst thing that sucks about this guy is the image he tries to portray, as this thoughtful, arty, indie, uber-alternative sort of musician. You will find him posing for photos or album covers with the same quizzical wide-eyed blank stare.

Exactly the same thing happens with his music. Just before his last album was released he was running around telling everyone who'd listen that he was taking us on a magical journey, that this was the result of all of his song-writing experience, and he was so happy with what he was doing.

The end result is the most mainstream, disposable pop you could ever imagine. If it was made by somebody else you would think it was probably OK, but when you're expecting the next Paul Simon it's a bad joke. His lyrics are simple, childish and repetitive (see "Gamble Everything for Love") and even a marginally acceptable song like "Catch My Disease" is ruined by his thin, reedy, high-pitched voice.

While I know you can't do too much about how you look, his gigantic ears and stupid Frodo-like hair are laughable and nauseating at the same time. I suspect he plays up on this to further enhance the "arty" image. When people knock his music he blames the fact that most Australians don't like nerdy looking guys, and he cracked the shits and went to the US and was briefly with Claire Danes (the celebrity missus...SOOOO alternative!)

I don't know how popular he is in the US or UK but if you come to Australia and meet one of his fans or hear his music, don't be sucked in. Ignore the inevitable stacks of thumbs-down this will attract because unfortunately the 14 year old girls who think he's fantastic will spew when they hear the truth.

Ben Lee, along with guys like Rob Thomas and James Blunt, is the reason mainstream pop sucks as much arse as it does these days.

Ben Lee is a conceited fraudster who needs to be put in the meat grinder.
The opening line of the Ben Lee song "Catch My Disease" goes "My head is a box filled with nothing". You've got it right there, Ben.
by Choda Boy 57 August 13, 2006

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An Australian expression wishing misfortune on the recipient, similar to "eat shit and die". "Jocks" is a general Australian term for underwear, so you are more or less wishing the person an acute attack of explosive diarrhoea.

As heard in the popular Aussie film "The Castle".
Daryl Kerrigan to opposing counsel, after winning court case: "Suffer in your jocks!"
by Choda Boy 57 August 23, 2006

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