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A dergatory term for a person from New Zeland. To say that a person has sexual intercouse with a sheep. (Origin: Almost only used by Australian's for making fun of New Zelander's because of the ratio of sheep to people in New Zeland.)
"The All Blacks are a bunch of Sheep Rooters."
by Bigi July 13, 2005

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Northe Beaches (NB): The area of the nothern-most part of Sydney Australia, know for its great beaches, teenage partys and being insular from the rest of Sydney. It stretchs north from Seaforth to Barrenjoey and from the beach to Terry Hills. Home of The Manly Sea Eagles and a kickass place to live.
Guy from western suburbs: "I never herd of The Northen Beaches before!"
Guy from Nothen Beaches: "No one outside of the NB has."
by Bigi July 13, 2005

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(Over the Bridge) Meaning the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A term used 2 describe the people who live in the Northern Beaches, north of the Harbour Bridge.
Guy: "Those kids are drunk and offensive."
Guy2: "They must be from OTB."
by Bigi October 28, 2005

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Short for Devestated. Meaning very bad or the feeling of being sad or disapointed.
"I'm so devo that she broke up with me."
by Bigi July 13, 2005

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Aussie slang: top notch, very good. Moslty used to describe ones wife.
"I got me a top flight missus, she brings me beer whenever i want it!"
by Bigi July 13, 2005

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