laying on your stomach until your dick goes numb and then jacking off. It feels like your doing it to someone else, your roommate.
I was bored, and there was no one around so i gave myself a roommate.
by David D's a fag March 18, 2004
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A person you are forced to live with in a tiny dorm room,with who the University will ensure that you will not get along with. Someone who will make your life hell, no matter how nice you are.
My roommate is a fat pig and won't let me use the tv.
by cowface November 9, 2004
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roommates: noun.

Group of people living together in an apartment or house, but not necessarily sharing one room or bedroom.
Usually denotes platonic relationships, although hooking up sometimes happens.
Commonly occurs in big cities & on college campuses.
The American equivalent of flatmates in the UK.
The roommates split the rent and argued about everything else.
by KinOhio September 18, 2006
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The epitome of douchbaggery. Brings random "women" to your room while you are trying to study for your chem exam. Dick move.
Roommate: Dude I just brought home sara! Oh, we're gonna be chillin in the living room watching a movie on YOUR tv. So don't bother us.
Me: Fuck you and your douchebaggery.
by T3hMasterChief August 28, 2009
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"What were those noises last night?"
-I think Brandon and Sam were roommating again.
by Collegetemrz January 12, 2012
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Being a good roommate, and just being a respectful person when living with another. Roommates who take part in keeping the apartment or living space clean and contribute to make living easier.
Now that's good roommateism (when refering to one roommate positively communicating with another)
by Skreebo February 15, 2006
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