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A friend you have casual sex with only for the purpose of having sex. Romantic feelings for one another are not present.
Mindy and Bob have sex together but only as friends.
by D February 21, 2004
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n. When two people have a friendship involving casual intimate encounters usually of a sexual nature. Typically, the pair have regular romps without any heavy strings attached. The two people scrump and hump without obligation to be more than casual intimate friends.
My fuck friend is uncanny. He is the bomb and I love it when he explodes in my pussy.
by Barry Flomar January 17, 2004
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a) an fwb, but without the frienship

b) an offensive synonym for a friends with benefits
a specific prostitute that you pay for over and over again would probably qualify as a friend with benefits, but without the actual friendship, under definition a) of fuckfriend as stated above
by sexydimma October 23, 2013
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(short "FF")

A person with who you have a strictly sexuall relationchip. Can sometimes also be a "regular" friend.

Almost the same as friends with benefits, but a FF doesn't have to be your friend in any other way than in the bed.

Ex:es often ends up as FuckFriends.
- So, do are you and Vic still going out? She's hot!
- Nah... But I still see her, thogh.
- Huh? How come?
- Well, you don't have to date to have fun...
- So she's your fuckfriend? Aw! That's soo cool, man!
by Corundum September 23, 2007
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1. a friend who you have sex with
2. a friend whom you like less than your other friends
1. who's that your girl/boyfriend

no that's my fuck friend.

2. tom was busy tonight so i brought this fuck friend of mine.
by TONEKNOWLEDGE44 January 19, 2009
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