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a date rape pill. a pill some one puts in your drink at a party so you can pass out and they can rape or have sex with you.
someone put a roofy in her drink and she woke up with some weird man.
by nicale October 19, 2006
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Also "rufies", or "the date-rape drug"...

These are all street names for the benzodiazepine (ben-zo-die-AZ-ah-peen) drug flunitrazepam (flue-nih-TRAHS-ih-pam), taken from the brand-name Rohypnol...

"Administered" in this capacity, the drug has an incapacitating effect similar to but stronger, more fast acting, and more durable than alcohol... Thus allowing the attacker to make whatever use of the victim's body they wish.
The sick little fuck slipped her some roofies... it's the only way he could ever hope to score with a woman, short of necrophelia.
by Honor October 27, 2004
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the drug rohypnol, commonly slipped into unattended drinks at parties, causes a person to pass out or have sudden feelings of being drunk. Commonly used as a date rape drug.
Someone put a roofie in my drink, I feel so drunk, I'm going to pass out.
by Collin Runner October 27, 2004
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date rape drug; getting ugly people laid since 1975.
get some roofies, a girl with a can of coke, and you're good to go. *hand motion*
by exclamation! July 05, 2005
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Date rape drug called Rohypnol or flunitrazepam which is a tranquillizer. Not cool shit
Slip some roofies in her drink and you'll be able to tap that shit no problem.
by Nameles October 27, 2004
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