Failing at a task or fumbling a job/task/situation; usually something simple. Based on the twenty-sided dice system used in games such as D&D, in which rolling a one usually constitutes an automatic failure (called a "fumble").
When he was unable to repeat what his Professor had lectured at him, James made a claimed of rolling a one on his "Listen Check".
by Michael S. Freitag September 28, 2005
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Slang term for not coming into work by rolling dice and getting a 1.
"Hey where is wacho?"
"He rolled a one."
by tehlolz March 24, 2005
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To perform spectacularly badly at an attempted task or activity, in a flourishing display of unprecedented misfortune.

Originates from the roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, where a die must be rolled to determine a players' level of success in performing certain tasks. Rolling a one in such a situation would almost certainly cause the task to fail catastrophically.
Person A: My chocolate fondue fountain just exploded somehow, and ruined my entire house.

Person B: Wow, did you just roll a one, or what?
by Batomilami July 26, 2011
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To roll a joint and spark it afterwards.
"Hey lets go roll one it's almost 4:20"
by ff43f34 October 17, 2007
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v. the act of putting on a condom. this euphemism is often utilized when you hook up with a random chick you meet from a night out on the town
Claude: Dude, that heavy drinking last night robbed me of my dignity! I don't know if i can finish this weekend the right way or not.

Brad: I don't know about you, but I think I'm trying to roll one down tonight.

Claude: Actually, yeah, let me shower so I can wash away this hangover. Count me in on that mission!
by willie weman April 30, 2007
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Used when you get a really bad trip from smoking a blunt
Man 1: Dude I don't feel too well after that blunt
Man 2:Oh bro were you rolling a moldy one?
by Has anyone seen my son Nemo February 27, 2019
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When someone roles their dick on the ground.
Sorry I missed your call I was rolling one out.
by Rbomb04 November 14, 2014
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