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To make up a complete pack of lies, in the hope that others believe you.
Verb. To Spin Shit.
Verb.Spinning Shit
Fuckin cunt "Spin Shit" all the time,gotta wipe his lip the fuckhead or all the dribble run down and stain his shirt.
Fuckin piece of shit druggie "Spin Shit" said it was good gear.
You "Spin Shit " cunt,,,,fuckin druggie.
Politicians "Spin Shit", fucking taxpayers believe it,gobble it up with a spoon.
Fucking politicians "Spinning shit"all the time.

The media "Spins Shit" all the time,and we believe it.NOT.
by GS71 April 4, 2015
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An Aussie term to do a big diarrhea shit in the toilet...And leave it for the next person to see,
The cunt before me sprayed the bowl everywhere......SHIT EVERYWHERE!!!
by GS71 April 6, 2015
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An extremely harsh on the throat cigarette,whether it be tailor made or a rollie.
Can be used singular or plural.
That first cigarette of the day after a night on the piss is a throat carver.
Marlboro cigarettes are throat carvers,especially unfiltered.
by GS71 April 6, 2015
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Someone who does not spend any money.............period!
He was as tight as a fishes ass under compression when it came time to getting any money out of him.....cunt.
by GS71 April 4, 2015
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You and/or someone is up to something .......They ain't saying..
He isn't telling anyone anything,up to some secret squirrel shit again......Fucker.
by GS71 October 29, 2019
Australian slang for a carton of 24 Beers.
On the way home from work i'm going to pick up a slab of XXXX and get pissed tonight,
Gundie has a slab of XXXX in the car,go and get it.
by GS71 April 6, 2015
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Guys who send selfies to women with their cock out.
Sent this Beautiful Blond on Tinder a Slugshot...........Didn't get a reply.....
by GS71 April 7, 2015
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