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when you have a roll on deodorant
" Hey, does anybody have a deodorant"
"I can only provide a ROLL ON"
"A roll-on is a kind of deodorant"
by Debra Biblooby August 26, 2019
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To snitch or divulge private information about a person. Mainly equivalent to snitch though, used in criminal terms.
To snitch for some sort of protection or legal incentive.
"Shiiit son, why the fuck am I in jail? My friend got out on parole!"
"Hah, stupidass, he rolled on you!"
"H-He wouldn't roll on me...I think..."
"Hah, your ass is grass!"
by TFE May 23, 2006
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Creative masterpiece used for smoking weed, where a joint/ spliff is rolled at the end of a cigarette. Better smoking, as well as contaminates the cigarette, creating two joints essentially in one. The modified cigarette is called a 'Funk'.
A- Man i feel for something new

B- Lets smoke a roll-on?
by HardestHard November 22, 2011
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Marijuana rolled onto a cigarette with either cigarette paper or a blunt wrapper.
Yo $kip, you gots any Bambu, cause I wanna build me a big roll on.
by $mokey August 19, 2004
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