Gods true gift to stoners. The best eye drops on the market. They come in a distinct bottle with a emerald green cap. They have a unique feeling once they are applied to the eye. It is often compared to as mouthwash for the eyes.
1: Have you ever tried Rohto?
2: No
2: WOW it feels like mouthwash for the eyes. DANK!
by Chris Diamond March 09, 2006
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Sweet brand of eye drops hat come in a unique little container. Many people say that when they first put them in they burn, but this is just a cooling sensation. There's 3 types of rohtos available right now and they are:

1. Cool- comes with a green cap and is the least intense
2. Ice- Blue cap, a little more intense
3. Arctic- Silver cap, a goddamn drop of liquid nitrogen in your eye

They're a little more expensive, runnin at between $5-$8 a bottle, but if you don't want anyone to see your bloodshot eyes, these are a god send.
Stoner 1- Damn dude my eyes are bleedin!
Stoner 2- Try these rohtos homie.....
Stoner 1- OH SHIT! Its like a peppermint for my eyes!
by Dakota B. December 09, 2007
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The ultimate eyegasm, Rohto eyedrops are equivalent to visene on all sorts of steroids. They are the best eyedrops out there, theyre free (when stolen; theres no alarms on the packaging), and they provide a fantastic sensation of awesomeness when dropped into the eyeball (not to mention they're your average stoner's dream, nothing prevents redness better).

There are three classic flavors:

Cool = green

Ice = blue

Arctic = silver

There has recently been an addition of a fourth flavor, Hydra, which comes in a bottle with a white cap. It is the strongest feeling Rohto yet.
guy1: my man, come hit this bong
guy2: but i know my mom is going to ask why my eyes are red
guy3: your mother is a whore
guy1: seriously dude.
guy4: guy2, quit bein a bitch. Rohto up right quick and she'll never notice
by Murgles June 05, 2009
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The only way to clear the senses. I have been looking for rohto eyedrops for about five years. I left japan with two bottles and they were gone in a month.
Minty and clearing, I work in a very dry atmosphere so the little zing per drop really helps out!
Forget about the freezer! These things are for real. I used rohto eyedrops for the first time in the states a couple of weeks ago. If you study, sit in front of the computer, smoke-a-lot, these are something to ck out.
by diggablesmoker @ planetdrops.com September 22, 2006
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Eye drops that come in a bottle shaped like a small little egg but with the like bottom of the egg cut off. They come in like 3 different kinds the best are the green and blue tops. They have a minty orgasmic type of cool burn that swallowss your eye and makes it feel whole again and if you smoke a lot of pot you commonly use it a bunch. Extreme pot heads use one in like 3 days yeah... It's seriously like having sex in your eye

M: let's go smoke
L: all right
2 hits later
L: oh fuck I'm high
M: Fuck me too
on your way to school
L: I got to rohto
M: sned that orgasm my way
12seconds after the orgasm
L: No more bloodshot
by Lynlhe November 30, 2007
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Something you put in your eyes when you smoke the reefer
Pass me the rohtos bro, i'm fucked up
by Andrew $ December 05, 2008
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Over the counter eye drops from Japan, however when used as a verb it means to "smoke marijuana." It can be used when talking about wanting to smoke, during the act of smoking, or after you've recently finished smoking.
"Hey do you want to go to the park and Rohto"
"Someone buy a Dutch for the Rohto session"
by ScottRobot June 06, 2007
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