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The ultimate eyegasm, Rohto eyedrops are equivalent to visene on all sorts of steroids. They are the best eyedrops out there, theyre free (when stolen; theres no alarms on the packaging), and they provide a fantastic sensation of awesomeness when dropped into the eyeball (not to mention they're your average stoner's dream, nothing prevents redness better).

There are three classic flavors:

Cool = green

Ice = blue

Arctic = silver

There has recently been an addition of a fourth flavor, Hydra, which comes in a bottle with a white cap. It is the strongest feeling Rohto yet.
guy1: my man, come hit this bong
guy2: but i know my mom is going to ask why my eyes are red
guy3: your mother is a whore
guy1: seriously dude.
guy4: guy2, quit bein a bitch. Rohto up right quick and she'll never notice
by Murgles June 05, 2009
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