1 definition by Dakota B.

Sweet brand of eye drops hat come in a unique little container. Many people say that when they first put them in they burn, but this is just a cooling sensation. There's 3 types of rohtos available right now and they are:

1. Cool- comes with a green cap and is the least intense
2. Ice- Blue cap, a little more intense
3. Arctic- Silver cap, a goddamn drop of liquid nitrogen in your eye

They're a little more expensive, runnin at between $5-$8 a bottle, but if you don't want anyone to see your bloodshot eyes, these are a god send.
Stoner 1- Damn dude my eyes are bleedin!
Stoner 2- Try these rohtos homie.....
Stoner 1- OH SHIT! Its like a peppermint for my eyes!
by Dakota B. December 09, 2007
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