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way too sexy!..
the hottest indian guy around..
you cant handle him.. only good for dating models ..
Another definition of HOT
its so fucken rohith today isn't it!
by who are you?.. March 04, 2009
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A fat, ugly bastard who waddles around. Rumour has it he cleans his feet with toothpaste
Hi Rohith, you fat, ugly bastard cunt. Sym
by AF11 October 16, 2019
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The Indian kid in my Math class that is ahead of everyone in the class, even the teacher.
Me: "Rohith, what does 'X' equal when you take it and de-"
Rohith: "'X' equals 15.78326586"
Teacher: "Wrong! Actually...(false proof)"
Rohith: "(Real proof)"
by Facking_Rats October 29, 2018
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