Comes from the streets. A word to describe someone who is accepted in a particular group or area.
"What's that guy doing on our side?"
"Yo, cool down, he's rockafella"
by Rob July 19, 2004
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Mispelling from John Davison Rockefeller a rich american industalist 1939-1937, and is commonly used to describe a person of considerable wealth.
In the song on the sunny side of the street by Dorothy Fields & Jimmy McHugh, 1929, the lyrics go

If I never had a cent,
I'd be rich as Rock - e - fel - ler,
Gold dust at my feet

Or "look at you rockafella" - implying someone been lavish.
by gurux May 19, 2006
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Misspelled family name of Rockafeller. It is pronounced on the streets in slang terms with the a on the end.

It is coined from the rich family in the 1930’s that was known to have lavish and extravagant spending habits. Somehow people began noticing these money splurges and started saying the expression “Who am I Rockafella?” When this was said it was accepted as “What am I rich?”

It also references many rap dude references like jayz’s record company and other rappers like to use this family name in their rap songs.
Woman- I need that new living room set because I am bored with the one we bought last month.

Man- Huh? What am I Rockafella? Return the one we just bought and get something else .
by Urban Lingos October 19, 2021
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Member of the Robba Barons, The lead rapper and founder of the SKIGGs. I.E.- Suburban K Ids Gone Ghetto. Has the most ominous skills of the Robbas and is kickin it 24/7 in his fat San Diego crib.
"Rockafella gonna pop a cap on your soda dogg!"
by That Guy March 15, 2004
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