You must be bored. Extremely bored, otherwise you wouldn't have gone to a dictionary site and typed in 'i am bored" just to see what popped up.
*types in "I am bored"*
*finds this entry*
*reads example*
*thinks to self - "Wow, I really am bored."*

by Jillybean-Jellybean January 16, 2009
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dum da dum bup a doodly doo boopa ba beep, oh, OH, sorry. You're done with life, school, work, or whatever, for you to find this, that and u got nothin to do, ur disinterested in everything. (Go listen to Never Gonna Give You Up, Megalovania, or any other meme song until you like it unironically. Find the newest memes on Youtube or Tik Tok (if ur into that kind of thing). Make a new word on Urban Dictionary... :0 Watch Jacksepticeye play indie games. Watch Markiplier play 3 scary games. Watch Crankgameplays.... be an adorable goofball. You come up with possibilities. Buy that lil cute thing u found at the store. Get that scented candle. Talk to ur best friend. Hang out w them, if possible. Go on a bike ride. Watch some videos you never got around to. And that book w dust on it. The list goes on and on.)
im bored (I'm bored, I am bored, IM BORED, I. AM. BORED., i'm bored) and I have nothing to do. I'm gonna watch some gameplay
by Sherlock Devorak November 18, 2020
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When someone is so bored that their brain pretty much melts and they don't know what to search so they just the computer what to search and they don't even realize that they have searched something.
an example of what I am bored what should i type? means is: The girl was so bored that her brain nearly melted and asked the computer what to search and then she realized she just searched something
by LivingDictionary101 August 22, 2018
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I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored ;~;

Hey, I am extremely bored so Iľl just tipe qwertzuiopasdfghjklyxcvbnm or mnbvcxylkjhgfdsapoiuztrewq in to google search cuz I am bored. =w=
by Foxery =w= August 2, 2019
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its 1:24 am, and for some reason i created this definition, because
i am very bored.
by ialsocreatedanaccountfor1word November 19, 2018
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