A Rockefeller is a good friend of urs. A Rockefeller is also a very dumb person
Damn Man U such a Rockefeller

Damn John u my Rockefeller
by ASAP is a Rockefeller December 28, 2018
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A neighborhood in Cleveland Madeup of The St.Clair-Superior & Hough Neighborhoods.Renamed as of Now Rockefeller named for John D.Rockefeller rich oil tycoon.
Rockefeller A nickname for and old ghetto neighborhood in Cleveland known as St-Clair,Superior & Hough Neighborhoods.
by Stormy216 September 17, 2013
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After hours and hours of work on the road, you return to your hotel room. The only repreive from the strenuous day is a hardcore masturbation sesh. You bust that first one like an oil gyzer. But the second one, that really hard-to-get one is what you're working for, like Rockefeller digging deep.
Jim: Shitty hotel rooms huh?
Ryan: Yeah, but the Rockefeller was great.
by ValkoBlack September 1, 2015
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1273 A dance for Rockefeller Street

ockefeller Street
Getter Jaani
Daylight is fading away, night silhouettes in the sky
LED lights are flashing on towers
It's Manhattan's magical time
Ballerinas dancing the Swan Lake
On a river made of diamonds and pearls
Everything's a little bit weird now
Because tonight, it is showtime
In the middle of the street life
All we celebrate are good times
Because tonight, it is showtime
Come and walk with me
1273 down the Rockefeller street
Life is marchin' on, do you feel that?
1273 down the Rockefeller street
Everything is more than surreal
Oldschool Hollywood stars
Party cinderellas are here
They move like computer game heroes
Because they know it is showtime
In the middle of the street life
All they celebrate are good times
Because tonight it is showtime
So let's keep movin' on
1273 down the Rockefeller street
Life is marchin' on, do you feel that?
1273 down the Rockefeller street

by It's Mini Palp February 2, 2019
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Heir to the immense Rockefeller family fortune, David Rockefeller is a psychopathic old man who wants to reduce the world's population. He's the man behind both Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, two mass murderers, and uses him money to fund China's one child policy. In his earlier days he used to meet with people like Saddam Hussein, but now he lets others do that for him. His family is responsible for the rise of eugenics, by funding Nazi scientists. Nowadays he continues his families heritage by going to the Bilderberg meetings every year, where he determines the coarse of the planet for the following year, together with other influential people, like the Rothschild and Warburg families, Royal families of Europe, and the heads of the biggest banks and oil companies.
Wow, I just went to UD, and found out about this evil man, called David Rockefeller.
by David Rothscum August 31, 2008
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Something you say to a person when they spend a little extra money on something such as supersizing a meal, leather seats, or fill up with premium gasoline.
You: Can I get a side of marinara sauce?
Waitress: It's 50 cents extra.
You: That's fine.
Me: Okay, Rockefeller!
by WildBill33 March 19, 2011
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Rockefeller Republican refers to a faction of the United States Republican Party who held moderate to liberal views similar to those of Nelson Rockefeller. The term largely fell out of use by the end of the twentieth century, and has been replaced by the derisive term RINOs. Many Rockefeller Republicans have since left office, being replaced by either more conservative Republicans or Democrats & left the party altogether, becoming independents & Democrats.
by adirudi November 21, 2009
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