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Generally speaking, someone whose primary sexual orientation is towards robots. They may be human or synthetic persons, and straight, gay, bi, etc is not specified. (Unfortunately, this word is often confused "romosexual," which is the only word that refers to someone who is both gay and a robot.)

Inspired by Bender from the TV show Futurama
A robosexual person is likely to have a job that involves computers.
by Icewing April 20, 2003
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The homosexual relationship between a male robot and a male human or a female robot and a female human in the year 3000.
I don't want people thinking we're robosexuals. So if anyone asks, you're my debugger.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 21, 2003
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One who engages in sexual intercourse exclusively with machines.

Also: robo-curious - one who suspects machines could be superior to the real thing.
I have a foot locker full of sex toys and no boyfriend; I am a robosexual.

The Hustler store rewards card is a must for anyone who is robosexual or robo-curious.
by Miz Yopo May 14, 2012
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Leslie: Rung is sooo fucking hot!
Marie:Get outta here with your robosexual ass...
by Robosexual4Rung July 20, 2017
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One, male or female, who is sexually aroused by, or would gladly and willingly f*ck a/ be f*cked by a robot.
my friend saw a picture of rule 63 mike schmidt being f*cked by foxy in one of my porn folders, now he won't stop publicly calling me a robosexual
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One who is infatuated with any kind of artificial intelligence. Either with other people online gaming or with a game or software itself.
Man, playing all that World of Warcraft made him a robosexual.
by SR Dubz April 12, 2007
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