a credit-card sized piece of plastic that is inherently worthless. almost all companies in existence have these rewards cards. they are designed to build customer loyalty, but actually only build customer frustration.
employee: "do you have your rewards card?"
customer: "i don't have a rewards card."
employee: "let's get you signed up!"
customer: "what will it get me?"
employee: "it's a great program."
customer: "but what will it get me?"
employee: "um... it's a great program..."
customer: "i know, you said that. what will the rewards card get me?"
employee: "nothing, really, but my boss makes me ask..."
customer: "..."
by taekwondoangel1 June 22, 2009
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a fictional object, generally used to suggest that someone is sucking up in search of some kind of material gain or reward. best said in a sarcastic tone to show that you are unimpressed with the persons actions.
"can you say, reward card?"
by archy December 19, 2004
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yet another meaningless rewards card that is forced upon unsuspecting hallmark customers when they attempt to purchase anything at a hallmark store.
clerk: "find everything you were looking for?"
customer: "yes, thank you."
clerk: "do you have your crown rewards card?"
customer: "no, i-"
clerk: "you need one. for real. fill this out. it'll change your life."
customer: "but i-"
clerk: "DO IT NOW!!"
customer: *obeys*
by taekwondoangel1 June 22, 2009
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