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A largely fake video compilation from the 70's and 80's that supposedly shows peoples deaths and other weird shit caught on camera. In fact, the guy who made the movie admitted the only real things were the animal slaughterhouse scenes and the woman jumping off the building, and that he himself played several of the supposed victims.
Dumb ass college kids think faces of death is the most hardcore thing ever.
by jerem January 6, 2004
A potent, sticky ass marijuana bud that originates in Canada.
That kid Luke got them canooks son. Yo lets get high and watch that wargames movie tonight kid.
by jerem December 12, 2003
Stealing a baby, or it's personal effects from it's crib.
I'm low on funds son, I'm going to go rob the cradle next store and sell the baby to a nice couple who can't conceive a child of their own./ I'm low on funds so I'm going to steal that babies blanket, B.
by jerem December 12, 2003
The most notorious criminal in American history. Reponsible for the pickle mutiny of 1932 and heisting millions of Hamburgers from the McDonalds archive.
If the Hamburgler ever stole my burger, I'd shoot him in the back as he fled.
by jerem December 20, 2003
A moderately priced watch that tells the ladies 'I'm doin' O.K. in life, but I will not spend any money on you. For christmas you'll get a useful and efficient gift, such as a thighmaster to bulk up that pancake ass of yours.'
I wear a seiko.
by jerem December 18, 2003