Someone who goes through great lengths, and conceives clever and sometimes very unusual strategies to steal, or defraud goods from unsuspecting and somewhat naive people, all while painstakingly attempting to remaining safely under the radar.
I ordered a set of 7.1 Logitech speakers last week, from some guy on eBay. It's now Friday!! Where are my speakers!? The damn roach ran off with my money!!
by Brucee Wayne March 11, 2012
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Noun. It refers to a person who one may have had past relationships with and who refuses to move on from that relationship. He/she continues to show up in your life.
You remember that guy I dated three months ago? I told him I wasn't interested and ended it with him. Well, he just text me and asked if I want to grab drinks with him tonight. He's such a roach - he just won't die.
by magbot2014 February 18, 2014
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england:slang term for rolled-up piece of cardboard put in the mouth end of a joint to catch tar which is produced by tobacco rolled in the joint.

america:usually means the end of a joint which can be re-used because there's still some weed in it. this occurs because in america, joints aren't rolled alot with tobacco and so don't need a filter.

not related to weed: a small freshwater fish.
-dude, you rolled this roach way too tight, i can't smoke this shit.
-well next time roll your own fucking spliffs, you retard.

-sir, we found marijuana roaches in your apartment
-so what, i smoke pot, what is that a crime?

-i just caught a roach!
-wtf are your on about?
-the fish, you fuckhead
by Nicolo C April 18, 2011
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roach (noun)

An individual, in particular a user of an Internet group chat or message board, who openly lurks conversations but does not participate.

roaching (verb)

The action of lurking a conversation to everyone's knowledge.
1. Scott, we see you lurking, stop being a roach.
2. Scott clearly read our messages, he's just roaching like usual. Typical roach.
by mally.bear April 20, 2016
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1. A pesky vermin insect that infests your house.

2. In many places a roach is a burnt joint, usually but not necessarily the very last end, it can be halfway finished and still be called a roach, the principle being on that it has already been smoked from.

3. Roofies, R2s, rohypnol, pills that can be used to get fucked up on usually with alcohol, or in many cases used as a date rape drug, effects can last for hours, with the user remembering little or nothing.
1. Buy some raid for your damn roach problem, Leo.

2. Save that roach for later I'm fucking high.
Wheres that roach that we were smoking earlier?

3. Dude, I just bought two roach pills from Brigg.
Hey can I have one of them roaches?
by weed-smoka May 05, 2007
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A person with low social status that is geeky or undesirable. Often characterized by poor taste in clothes, not very good looking. A type of loser who never succeeds.
*Oh my god, did you see that guy get shot down by that chick last night? He was a big time roach!*
by El Greb May 23, 2008
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A congregate of African-Americans.
There were so many roaches during happy hour at Sonic that I couldn't get my order in!
by The_Exterminator September 10, 2009
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