A large bug that is so ugly you could vomit. Also looks like Wade Robson, Dan Reed, and James Safechuck.
Ewww that roach is on the floor! Kill it!
by Michael Jackson’s wifey November 12, 2019
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The end of a joint, usually made from cardboard. The cardboard usually comes from the green card that is used to support the packets of cigarette papers, the packet itself or whatever club flyer happens to be handy. It derives its name from the derogatory term used for the grunts of the mexican army, "La Cucaracha" which means "the cockraoches", because, as part of their payment they eached received quantities of mariijana.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Ya no puede caminar
Porque no tiene, porque le falta
Marijuana que fumar.

(The cockroach, the cockroach
Now he can't go traveling
Because he doesn't have, because he lacks
Marijuana to smoke.)
you fuck, all you've left me with is the roach. i shall beat you upside the head to avenge this wrong.
by Kenny Evil July 12, 2006
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Roach pronounced (rōch)- A dirty looking female. Most often bred in strip clubs or bars on the south shore on Long Island, New York. You can often spot them by looking for the following characteristics:

Dirty Pedicures
Long nails with designs
Flat footware (ie flip flops or sandals)
Thin bleach blonde hair
Tattoo on lower back
Drinking alcoholic beverages out of the bottle
Orange color skin complextion
wow that girl last night was a real roach
by ajm2009 September 25, 2010
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A disgusting male/female/other that never bathes and is really ugly.
Did you see codee and ananda? They are roaches!
by unknownlolyouroach March 29, 2014
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Roach...is the phantom alt/evil genius , who lurks everywhere but is known only by but a few distant ones.
Always watched but never seen.
The minuteman of activism.
worship him, respect his unbounding knowledge, revere his undying compassion, and fear his wrath.
In the beginning , there was Roach...

everything else followed.
by kursha badurbadurp April 24, 2009
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