cause someone to stop sleeping, by the lovely vocals of kylie jenner singing "uhhrriiiiiseeeeee aynnddd shyyiineee"
kylie: ok we're going to wake stormi up and get outta here and show you guys her room!

also kylie: RiSe AnD ShiNe

stormi: umm... chile anyways so-
by lovelyherpes100 October 18, 2019
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the act of masturbating right after waking up. hence the rise and the shine
1. i had a quick rise and shine this morning
2. mother to teenage schoolgoing son: "time to rise and shine sweetie."
by nathan April 22, 2005
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One of two acceptable methods of being woken in the morning. This involves your girlfriend beginging to felate you 5 minutes before your choosen rising time. She does so very gently at first, and then brings you to conciousness by running her tounge over any of your designated "waking spots" she then finishes the blowjob by putting maple syrup on your man sausage and licking it clean and swallowing everything you have provided her with.
Jimmy had a rough night and had to be up early for class that morning, so his girlfriend rise and shined him, he was so hungover, he didnt wake up for half an hour!
by sparky F August 4, 2005
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When you are fucking a chick doggy style on top of the stairs, then as you ejac in her pussy you push her down the stairs, causing her to get knocked unconscience. Come back a few minutes later and wake her up by pissing on her face.
I gave grandma a rise and shine on saturday night
by alfonso004 March 14, 2007
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the way kylie jenner wakes up her (already awake) daughter, stormi.
kylie: okay i’m gonna go wake up stormi now.

kylie: *opens door and turns lights on*
stormi: *is already wide awake and standing up*
kylie: rise and shine
by stinky shrek October 17, 2019
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you might of heard this famous quote before, as well as many other memes or vines, but if you live under a fucking rock you greasy bitch, rise and shine is a famous quote from the one and only kardashiono, your parents probably say that gay shit to you too, gay boy
“wake stormy up, anddd get outta here, and show you guys her room!”

*walks into the poor child’s room, hoping that she didn’t kill herself*

“RHIISE AND SHYYNE (rise and shine in english)”

thank you - gay nigga
by gangbang420 October 18, 2019
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Something you say to wake up someone, phrase used in the south, usually in the morning.
Billie's Mom: Billie are you a rug?

Billie: No.

Billie's Mom: Well stop laying around, rise and shine.
by Macie4fern January 10, 2017
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