A phrase that are Queen Nicki Minaj uses🤩
nicki: big boobs?

" wha- um chile anyways so-"
by monicaa.8o5 August 9, 2020
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a phrase Nicki Minaj replied with ( “child, anyways so”) when someone complemented her buzzums on an instagram live. it is also used by a fairly wide range of Gen-Z teens because NICKI MINAJ IS QUEEN. 😇💕
(pronounced “ch-ay-el” “en-ee-way-ees” “so”)
“big b00bs? um.. chile anyways so..” -Nicki Minaj
by nickiminjajajaj January 2, 2021
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Nicki Minaj was the one who came up with this statement. Basically when somebody says something irrelevant or weird you can use this to pretend you didn't see it.
Sarah: Thats why yo momma dead-

Ashley: ._. Um, chile anyways so.......
by EWISTHATVEENA? November 12, 2020
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big boobs? Umm chile anyways so.
-Nicki Minaj
by December 14, 2020
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