when a male wearing light colored boxers, or briefs, has sex with his penis protruding through the hole of his undergarments with a female who is currently menstruating. the result of such an act leaves a "ring of fire" around the opening of the underwear.

A.K.A. the June Carter Cash
June didn't tell Johnny that she was on her period, so he left with a healthy ring of fire.
by mike hunt 1234 May 21, 2009
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Five friends sit in a circle with a handle of vodka or similar hard alcohol. The song "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash is cued up to play. As the song plays, the bottle is passed from person to person, each taking huge swigs. The goal is to be finished with the handle by the time the song is over. The song is 2:30.
Oh god... that Ring of Fire last night killed my liver and put a big stain on my carpet.
by Nathan Kosonov January 25, 2008
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A phrase used to describe what happens to your anal sphinctera the morning after consuming a Vindaloo (Very spicy Indian Curry).
Meatloaf singing very loudly, once segued from "Vindaloo" to "Ring of Fire" on "Never mind the Buzzcocks" (English pop/comedy quiz show)
by Mike Fairclough February 17, 2005
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when you have a dank ass fart and it burns your ass hole.
i had fish eye food and it gave me the "ring of fire".

damn those beans really tore up my stomach i think i caught the ring of fire.
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An extreme burn in the anus from friction from having butt sex without lube or a condom.
Damn, I think I gave that chick a ring of fire last night.
by JDM_ist November 10, 2005
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the anus of a young freckled ginger boy or ginger girl who doesnt seem to mind the clutter. and by clutter i mean a big chunk of red butthole hairs. as big as a thing of lettuce yet as red as raw hamburger meat.
Bro did you see paul dress out in the locker room? Ya his ring of fire was showing and it wasnt pretty to be honest it looked like either your uncle calvani got hot sauce on his mustache or he made a smoothie made out of clifford the big red dogs fur and the sauce that drips from your bootyhole while doing madlibs. Ya I wish he would wear underwear because to me it looks like a red husky went down a slip n slide.
by tophieCC April 21, 2010
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