Not takeing a shower for 3 days, and rolling up to Taco Bell.
And if the "PO PO" is behind you waiting in the drive thru, then he's trying to catch you rideing dirty.
Taco bell employee: "Here is your ultima...*cough ...Oh god sir what is that smell?"

You: "Don't try to catch me riding dirty... Gimme my chalupa slut"

Then you ghost ride out the dirve thru..
by A-TEAM June 03, 2006
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* Refers to a game played between friends where points are earned for succefully having sexual intercourse with extremely obese women without being caught by one's friends. If a participant is caught during this horrific act points are taken away and added to the finders point total. These women only qualify if their obesity is comperable to the fat women featured in Spencer's gag cards.

* The Chamillionaire song "Ridin'" was created to commemorate a specific instance where the artist won this game by sexually pleasuring a morbidly rotund transvestite. This event led to additional (bonus) points for Chamillionare which gave him a solid lead and eventuallty a win in a game between him and his friends.
My friends caught me riding dirty. Now I need too sleep with six fat bitches in order to win.
by John Ben August 21, 2006
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A term used by the telecommunications industry to describe a transport circuit which is experiencing any combination of the following problems, line code violations, path code violations, errored seconds, severely errored seconds, unavailable seconds, ect.
That circuit's riding dirty, I can't even stream my p0rn!
by mememememmeme December 07, 2006
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That dude must be going at least 100m.p.h. and he's even riding dirty.
by D-man FL October 07, 2008
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Guy #1: Hi, my name is Andruw Jones, nice to meet you.
Girl #1: Hi I am Beyonce, it is nice to meet you.

hours later.....

Guy #1: I hit it from the back side.
Guy #2: Did you have a rubber?
Guy #1: Nah, I was riding dirty.
by Jason Caplan July 29, 2006
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Hey, when are you going to pull your underwear out of your ass?

Yea, they have been riding dirty for a while.
by Trolissa January 18, 2010
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Driving a car that is unclean, has a messed up paint job, has dents, doesn't have nice rims, or is just a hooptie. Riding dirty is the opposite of riding clean.
His '82 Cut Supreme was primer gray and half of the fender scraped the ground. He was riding dirty.
by Athena Pappas October 22, 2006
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