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Ok with that, its cool, alright
We can chill with my crew if you're <b>down with that</b>
by J Dawg April 18, 2003

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Female who likes to orally pleasure other females
Mrs Head is such a lilly licker!
by J Dawg October 16, 2002

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to move or travel; see proceed
I will go to the store.
by j dawg June 23, 2003

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A really baggy pair of pants. when you try to run you go slower than usual.
i tried to run the mile but my parachute pants slowed me down and it took an hour.
by J Dawg April 28, 2003

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A replacement for Fucking sound made famous by holt palmer and cky
"freaking brown that sounds loud!!!"
by J dawg January 17, 2004

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A person who fucks mothers
The nizzle down the street is a motherfucker.
by J Dawg March 17, 2003

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1.)A massive dick that women like
2.)something ALL guys wish they are born with (the others visit docter enlarger to get)
when Thor introduced Helga to his "War Hammer" at the local holiday inn, helga had the ride of her life
by J Dawg April 18, 2003

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