To be Riddled means to be infected with some sort of sexual disease. Mostly used to describe slutty girls which you should stay clear of.
1. Gregor: Lads, I shifted Sara last night and ment to see her again tonight but now my throat is killing me.
Sean: Sara? Text her and tell her to check herself. She's bleedin Riddled!
by ClaraFloraKavy March 20, 2011
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Riddled has many meanings. To be absoluty drunk off your head. To be really really hungover. To be with a girl. It means many things
I am fucking riddled ( drunk )
I am fucking riddled ( hungover )
Im going to riddle in to your one
Aw man i am riddled !! ( drunk , hungover )
by Smythyyy April 16, 2009
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Absolute hottie. Virginity stealer, female slayer, leg opener, sex on legs.

He is the definition of sexy and hot all together. Any girl not willing to let him carve his name into their thigh is crazy and should be rewarded the death penalty <3
Tom Riddle is the sexiest man in the world - Person
He’s a bloody Terrorist- Friend
Still sexy - person
by tomriddleslayedme January 05, 2021
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Fit antagonist in the Harry Potter series. Lord Voldemort before becoming an egg. Was described as very handsome and charming. Had black hair, brown eyes, was very tall, and had pale skin. He was obsessed with making Horcruxes (objects with part of your soul in it) and the idea of immortality.
Films/books he appears in: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
"Tom Riddle is so hot"
"Yeah, but he killed too many people"
"Still hot"
by September 14, 2020
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Mattheo Riddle is from a Draco Malfoy fanfiction called Possesive. Mattheo is known for being extremely sexy and leng. He is also known as Marcus Lopez from Deadly Class, played by actor Benjamin Wadsworth.
“Mattheo Riddle is looking fine ashh” y/n said whilst Draco scoffed.
by dragoninlatin March 03, 2021
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tom riddle is a hot sexy man who tried to kill that rat called harry potter
“fuck tom riddle is so hot”-person
stfu no one gives a shit”-friend
by remytheratatoullie December 20, 2020
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