riddles n. 1. The official language of the Prophet. To give an answer in the form of a question. 3. To occupy someone with false statements. 4. Truth to the Prophet, Lies to the childern. 5. Can be a question or statement with absolutly no correct answer. 5. A form of defence. 6. A keen way to get things.

syn. stories
1. The Prophet spoke to me in such riddles that I completely lost time.
2. Brett, what's up with the riddles?There are no poon here!
3. The Prophet got a free Bud Light after riddling the 7-11 cashier for 10 minutes.
by steve borgelt February 10, 2004
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I'm taking the Will Riddle by not going to practice and being benched Lester.
by WillriddleisamassiveL December 07, 2016
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To describe the how someone got hurt or beat up. the way to decribe how someone or somthing was ruined or wrecked.
" I got in a fight last night against three other guys and got riddled!"

by shoffner September 14, 2006
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Bullshit,head-games, etc.
Mane them hoes be on some riddles.

Everytime we supposed to kick it they be on some riddles.

He never comes through when he says he will... That nigga be riddlin'.
by Cbfrmstl June 05, 2006
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The guy that’s the joker and really cool with the guys. Most popular in that school.
Aye man have you been hanging with riddle lately.
by Riddle boi November 14, 2019
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A question and answer phrase typically in games or cartoons
Riddle me this what gets wet never stays wet and dries you: An unbrella
by Mr Krab$ $$$ March 08, 2020
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