The oldest electric guitar manufacturer - Rickenbacker predates both Gibson and Fender, fact fans! Known for making both guitars and basses.
Guitarists who play(ed) Rickenbackers: John Lennon, Roger McGuinn (Byrds), Peter Buck, Johnny Marr, indie / alt-rock types who like its jangly sound, etc.

Bassists who play(ed) Rickenbackers: Paul McCartney, Lemmy, etc
by Dr Pinch May 2, 2005
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The oldest manufacturer of electric guitar. Made in America. Put the electric twelve string on the map. Hands down the most beautiful and amazing electric guitars ever made.
Rickenbacker Models:
360/12: George Harrison, Roger McGuinn, Jimi Hendrix
4001: Paul McCartney
325: John Lennon
660/12: Tom Petty
425: George Harrison
by guitar November 1, 2006
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The Rickenbacker, as well as being an awesome electric guitar, is also a unit of currency in some parts of the world used by 40 plus somethings to describe goods & services of large value.
Chris: Man that was one of the most massive nights I've had in Wanchai ever!

Steve: Yeh, a hell of a lot of Rickenbackers for sure!

Phil: You could get one of these flats for about 20 Rickenbackers
by gunsu69 May 8, 2011
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its a bass guitar brand which is seen in FLCL(furikuri the one Haruko uses to bash stuff)

The band franz ferdinand, the bass player Robert Hardy uses a Rickenbacker(thats why that band is so good)

its one of the best basses out there get one!!!!
ben: wanna see me play my rickenbacker?
joe: rickenbacker what that?
ben: its a bass guitar
by jono December 22, 2004
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guitar manufacturer, makes a killer bass
The Rickenbacker 4001/4003 has the best sound of any bass guitar ever.
by Alex February 25, 2003
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A guitar and bass company that makes the greatest playing basses ever which cost to damn much
Damn boy that is a fine rickenbacker but look at that price tag
by shabamsta July 15, 2009
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A disease in which one has the strong longing for a Rickenbacker Bass or Guitar. They will constantly look up photos, videos, and reviews of the guitar or bass even if they have already seen it once or twice before. Eventually said person will be able to analyze a fake from a real one in seconds and be able to distinguish the sound from other basses. Sometimes Rickenbacker Fever may lead to purchasing a fake or really beat up Rickenbacker just for the thrill of having one. A victim of said fever will spend most time fantasizing about the guitar and looking for good deals. The acquisition of a couple thousand dollars and purchase of the guitar is the only way to cure the fever for the moment. Also referred to as "Ric Fever"
Guy 1: I got over Rickenbacker Fever! Got me a 4003 yesterday.
Guy 2: I've got Rickenbacker Fever so bad I shake when I see one!
by Jamesworth April 21, 2011
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