The most kick ass rock artist in the history of music. Front man and song writer for the band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and an awesome live performer. He is responsioble for countless chat-topping albums and really great songs such as: American Girl, Breakdown, Free fallin', Mary Jane's Last Dance ect...
Everyone at the concert agreed that Tom Petty is a major rock n' roll star after he and the Heartbreakers played an awesome set
by Mrs. Tom Petty August 20, 2005
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One of the best, along with Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, musicians to come out in the history of Rock.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are some of the best things that ever happened in Classic Rock.
by Kyle January 30, 2005
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Legendary pioneer of classic rock responsible for the greatest pick-up line in the history of man.
Guy: Hey, you look like the type of girl who listens to Tom Petty.

Girl: (Flattered) Thank you! We should go out sometime, here's my number.
by brianfromhassettst December 3, 2007
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The sexual act of using a guitar to masturbate your partner.
Last night I took my guitar and Tom Pettyed her for 30 min!
by Dikchz November 24, 2015
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A code way to say 'top heavy'; meaning large tits, without offending said carrier.
Hey...2 'o clock, tom petty.
by Ms. Roxx January 5, 2004
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