Haruko means Spring child.
Haru = spring
ko = chld
Konnichiwa. Haru ga suki dakara, Haruko desu = I love spring therefore I am Haruko.
by Neko April 9, 2005

The name of a psychotic alien space police member who is for some reason obsessed with power.
Haruko hit me with her Vespa, the crazy wench!
by Finalhazard Jones August 8, 2004
A nice girl I'd like to date sometime.
If only Haruko didn't like that British wanker...
by Joenonymous September 22, 2004
Haruko is a person that plays minecraft and a known singer!
Have you see Haruko's new concert at Welfare?
by LordDayyonThatVegas November 20, 2021
CK's bitch. CK has sex with her everynight
Man, look at CK have sex with Haruko!
by dot dot dot July 27, 2004
Haruko is a genderfluid gay dragon. This dragon has lots of anger issues but calms down when their mate, the big bad wolf, shows up to give affection.

Side note: the big bad wolf is a good bad half good half bad half wolf.

We all love Haruko, the angry genderfluid gay dragon and their big bad wolf!
No one:

Someone: My name is Miyuki and I love 50 shades
Haruko: So you chose death~
by The gay from Florida March 21, 2021