RGS (Real Gay Shit) - When you not exactly gay and you do what the fuck you want to - to a certain degree - you put in work if you can, you tell people fuck off who want your head, and your a gay outlaw. - - Found
That nigga still living that's real gay shit (RGS).
by ThatFoundNigga October 19, 2014
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Rg is a very bipolar person, one second he will be happy, then he will be mad, but for no reason at all. He is also a very caring person he loves to make friends. He jokes around a lot too. He mainly takes relationships serious and he commits to it. He’s very stubborn and will sometimes act like a child. He’s a very bright person as well, he’s just got some screws loose.
That guy acts like he’s a Rg
by Rg Germinaro March 14, 2018
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RG:Recovery Group
A group to recover from any mental illness or addiction
by Lupuni July 24, 2018
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Popular twitch fanbase of the streamer known as Ricegum. The group thrives off negativity, gives no fucks, and is always beefing with another fanbase. The only other alliance with RGS is currently DRG.
"RGS ON TOP SSBK" - gaydin
by RGSONTOP August 01, 2021
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RG Shmurda is one of the most underrated rappers right now he also is one of LC Shmurdas friends he recently dropped an album
Called dont need help
RG Shmurda is my favorite rapper
by Boom masta September 03, 2021
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