Requirement to be accepted as a respectable member of the male community. Can and should be revoked by other respectable males for doing non-respectable-male things.
We had to take away Henry's Man Card because he cried in public when Kristina dumped him.
by ipossessthelunchpail December 13, 2004
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A card that doesn't actually exist, but certifies that you are male. The man card can be taken away in two circumstances. One: your girlfriend wants to keep it.

Two: you do something profoundly unmanly.
1. John had a five-star man card, but the brohood was required to take it when he wore a dress to prom.

2. Man I would come to your party, but my gf is rockin my man card. She said I had to go shopping.
by Saiyt November 9, 2010
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Something that an insecure man needs to feel manly.
A trucksnutz owner was insecure and decided to print out a Man Card to feel manly.
Then a reasonable person came in the room and saw said Man Card.
"Oh you printed out a mancard? Wow you're a fuckwad!" Said a reasonable person
"But I'm insecure and need it to feel manly..." Said the truck nutz owner
"That's just sad." Said the reasonable person
"I know..." Said the truck nutz owner
by GrowUpHumans December 24, 2017
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A man is formally or informally given a man card upon reaching the age of 18. Although one can have said card removed by his fellow man, it can also be earned back by doing something extremely manly. Said act should equal twice the amount of man points initially taken when man card ownership was removed, therefore climbing out of negative man points back into positive points.

Man card law is in direct correlation to Man Law. Upon earning enough man points the owner of a man card has the ability to win one argument with either his girlfriend or wife and that argument shall never be overruled as long as their relationship stands.

Man points are awarded by fellow card holders for acts of manliness including feats of alcoholism, eating, knowledge, strength of will and body.

Man points can be deducted also by fellow card holders for acts deemed non-manly.

Upon reaching zero man points, the aforementioned card holder relinquishes his man card to the taker of his man points and must earn it back by the same.
You earned your man card back, well done! You've lost your right to your man card, give it up!
by Don Mahogany September 22, 2017
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Man Card- A man card is earned when a married man is completely faithful and loving toward his wife and children and is to be revoked if he strays from that marital commitment. Cheaters are boys, not men, even if it takes great personal sacrifice to stay in a difficult marriage where it is required to put the man's own needs aside to meet the needs of the wife and children first. A real man is committed to his family and it takes a real man to do so when it is difficult or personally costly to do so. A "babydaddy" or unmarried male who fathers children with several women, supporting none of them is by definition unqualified to have a man card and has reneged on the privilege to be called a man. Sexual prowess or the ability to seduce or entice is not a qualifier for a valid man card even though this is a common counterfeit accepted in poser associations.
He's earned his man card after all they have had to go through.
by VintageGibson September 30, 2015
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A figurative card signifying a man's state of manhood/brohood. Can be revoked by other bros if bro code is breached. Once revoked, the bro losing the card loses all his rights to bro code for the longevity of the revocation. Man card can be restored if the man does something to make up for the crime against his bros (i.e. buy a round of beers/shots, pay for burritos at chipotle)
Bro 1: We had to revoke Jim's man card because he violated article 7 of the bro code.

Bro 2: Dude, what a dick! How long is it revoked?

Bro 1: For a month, or until he buys us a round of beers or shots or some burritos at chipotle!

(Bro 1 & Bro 2 proceed with a high five)
by imaman November 12, 2011
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The action of taking a mans Man Card when an act of unmanliness has been committed. This is only temporary, as a man card can never be taken away, only temporarily revoked. Once a manly act has been completed (ex: Chug several beer, remove sink with bear hands, build something with a power tool, etc) the Man Card can and will be reinstated.

See Urban Dictionary's definition for Official Man Card.
You all went and saw the Twilight movies? Gentlemen, I'm about to Revoke a Man Card.
by OfficialManCard February 6, 2011
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