The plural usage of reunited
After being seperated all weekend, Nichole and I had several reunites!
by RLSgurl May 28, 2008
To meet again. A way to say reunion without conjuring images of 30-somethings wearing name tags judging their old high school classmates while awkwardly dancing to Jesse's Girl.
Lauren, well done on get-it-on weekend. Let's have a reunition soon.
by Dimitri the stud July 28, 2008
When you are reuniting with someone after not seeing them for forever.
Did you like your reunitation with Cameron?
by Smartiebruh August 4, 2019
A cause under the thuggizzle cares umbrella founded by hip hop artist and community philanthropist thuggizzle.
Reunited by Faith helps families that have been split up by child protective services restore their relationships.
by Tvgee April 3, 2019
A group of people who are total assholes and prevail above everyone else. They stomp over the weak and ignore cries of mercy. Thousands of people envy and wish to be like them.
They value loyalty over everything else.

Acres Caelestes is Latin for "Strong Gods"
Look at that mob of bloodthirsty people.. They're like Acres Caelestes Reunited...

Wow they're so strong! Just like Ac-R!
by xxxxxxcreation August 7, 2011
Reunited + introduction. The feeling of being reunited with people whom you have never actually met before.
This was truly a grand reunition amongst the three of us!
by ScuttbuttPod September 8, 2021