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A sweet, caring person who never leaves your side when you need them. They will help you and care for you. This is a person who can make you smile simply by waving at you in the hallway. They are very talented musically. They are soft at heart, but always willing to protect the people they love, even if they are hurting because of them. This is someone to keep close and never give up on.
Don't give up on Reuel, because he won't give up on you.
by JustAWriter December 30, 2015
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Name of an African American yute from ends.
that nigga reuel ain’t p”
“reuel can sense the length of a man’s piece”
by niqqas_beyond January 18, 2022
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This man is a prodigy in the making, and handsome , intellectual and has good taste whether that is to do with food or girls. Can sometimes be described as a "friend of god " as he is trustworthy and unique n many ways
Reuel is great

i wish i was like said Reuel
by dictionarymandem September 23, 2019
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Reuel is a young black boy that is average height but has no pubes, or hair at all over the naked human body. He tends to be comfortable around people easily once got to know them. He is a very caring boy that likes his white girls ( with back) due to his carribean heritage. He tends to be in the friend zone with girls as he come off too “friendly” and talks about home work too much.
I got reuled again (friend zoned) Next time I won’t be a reuel.
by Lily bell October 20, 2019
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A public bathroom, where the toilets are clotted and filled with diarrhea.
Dude last night after the club, I had to take a shit so badly, that I even used Reuels toilet . It was gross.
by Truth_teller_55 September 13, 2017
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